Saturday, 25 June 2016

Free radio log of June 25, 2016

6070 1826- Offshore Laser Hot Hits' recordings via Channel 292, good to fair signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 3-45343-4

6230 u 1958- Radio Panda playing rock-n-roll, OM singer in E., good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45344 (heard via Twente SDR)

6240 2003- Radio Doc Tim playing songs, YL singer, good signal with some splashes from UTE (6245), noise and fades, sinpo 53434-3 (heard via Twente SDR)

6262 2006- Radio Desperado playing rock, OM singer in E., fair signal with deep fading and noise, sinpo 34222

6290 1940- UNID playing rock, good signal with fades and noise, sinpo 45333

6322 2009- Odynn Radio playing dofferent kind of music, good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45343-4 (heard via Twente SDR)

Friday, 24 June 2016

HLR, KBC, R Gloria & Relay Info

HLR, KBC, R Gloria & Relay Info

Saturday HLR:
06.00 to 12.00 UTC, on 6190 KHz
11.00 to16.00 UTC, on 7265 KHz

KBCthis Sunday:
09.00 to 10.00 UTC, 6095 KHz - The Giant Jukebox

RGI on Sunday:
09.00 to 10.00 UTC, on 7310  via
Internet repeats:
15.00 to 17.00 UTC via
Good reception ! Reports welcome at:
Radio Gloria International has a NEW Website:

Sunday HLR:
09.00 to 12.00 UTC on 9485 kHz
E-mail:  Thank you!
HLR FM-DAB+ Program via the Internet :  Daily 24 h

Hobart Radio International:
Please Email:   Thank you!


Radio Channel 292  Transmission schedules: 

Radio Mi Amigo Transmission schedules:

For outside the listening area please try the Twente/Netherlands Web RX at

You can also hear many European free and alternative stations via the Internet at: 

Good Listening!

European Music Radio:

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Schedule of Marconi Radio International on air on 22 June 2016

Just a short reminder of our regular weekly brodcasts on Wednesdays. Marconi Radio International will once again be on air tomorrow 22 June 2016,as follows: 1645-1730 UTC on 13960 kHz (USB mode), 1800-1900 UTC on 15070 kHz (USB mode), 1955-2055 UTC and 2130-2215 UTC on 7700 kHz (USB Mode).
Our broadcasts include some kind of programmes now sadly missing from most shortwave radio stations:  an old style DX show in  English “Italian Short Wave Panorama”  and Italian "Panorama Onde Corte" with lot of recent logs  as well as  a mailbag programme in Italian. Our  station identification  announcements are not only in English and Italian but also in French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Catalan.
MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-file) of our broadcasts are welcome! We QSL 100%. Our electronic mail address is: - Please don’t forget to include your postal address as some lucky listeners will also receive a printed QSL card.
Last but not least,  we need your help! If you use social networks, please post an announcement on Facebook  or send out a tweet the day  before the broadcast. You can also forward this message to a friend. This should help increase our  potential audience.
We hope to hear from a lot of shortwave listeners about our transmissions.
Best 73's
Marconi Radio International (MRI)

Monday, 20 June 2016

Free radio log of 19th June, 2016

6284 1901- 1904 c/d Oldtimer Radio playing U2, good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45333 (heard via Twente SDR)

6305 1853- Hitmix Radio playing Red River Rock, OP talk, good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45444 (heard via Twente SDR)

Kanadyjski wywiad ostrzega: "Rosja szykuje się na wojnę"

Canadian Secret Service informs that Russia is preparing to big war: Article in Polish,75399,20261975,kanadyjski-wywiad-ostrzega-rosja-szykuje-sie-na-wojne.html?disableRedirects=true

Sunday, 19 June 2016

5810 1844- Mike Radio playing Dutch group, fair to poor signal with high level of noise and fading, sinpo 3-24232

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Free radio log of June 18, 2016

6260 1935- Radio Joey playing music, fair signal with fades and local noise, sinpo 34232-3

6280 2001- Radio Black Bandit playing song, YL singer in E., OP talk (familiar voice), good to fair signal with quick fades and noise, sinpo 45333