Monday, 13 June 2011


I picked up Crazy Wave Radio 4.06.2011 on 6300 kHz for the first time, at 1952, sinpo 35222.
Today I have received e-mail from Crazy Wave Radio:

" Dear Ihor,
thanks a lot for your Audio reports which where interesting to listen, even reception was not that fine. We were running 60 watts only from Central Germany.
Propagation during night is quite fine at the moment, so I decided to run a show at this time of the night which gave indeed a beeter success than a show 14 days befor during day time.
Unfortunately I cannot send you any QSL because I do not have one at the moment. For personal reasons my spare time is very limited. But I hope you will listen to SW anyway and not only for a QSL. There are not many listeners anymore at this time, SW in my opinion is slowly dying.
Anyway maybe we hear again from each other next time, in the meantime all the best and thank you again.
 Thanks a lot for responce! I am very glad that I have picked up your signal with only 60 watts! Great!
Of course I hope to hear you again!

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