Thursday, 22 March 2012


Radio Sikhuphe FM is illegally running radio broadcasts in Swaziland and government Spokesperson Percy Simelane says trouble is coming their way. The station’s Director, Justice ‘Moneymaker’ Dlamini, however, sees nothing wrong with the station’s operations despite that they are broadcasting without a licence. The station, according to Dlamini, broadcasts from link transmitters which run signals via internet and for that reason they do not need a licence.
“We do not need a licence as we are accessible through cellular phones from link transmissions via the internet. We are also available online through our It’s like using the internet and no one needs a licence to use the net,” said Dlamini. He said his station can be accessed at 106.5 FM.
At the moment Radio Sikhuphe operates from Channel S studios in Manzini and they use a one room flat at Manzana in the capital city as a link station. He was also reached for comment at Channel S. “At times we even broadcast live soccer matches. For example, when a match is played at the Mavuso Sports Centre we can be accessed live within surrounding areas,” said Dlamini.
However, Government PRO Percy Simelane said the long arm of the law would be put to action. “It is just irrelevant as to what method one uses to broadcast but the bottom line is that for one to broadcast in this country he or she has to have a licence,” he emphasised. “Whether one broadcasts from his kitchen, under his car, from a tree, satellite or any internet method one has to apply and be granted a broadcasting licence,” he said.
“What these gentlemen are doing is illegal and the law will definitely take its course because even the first person in the country to try running a radio station from his house was called upon to apply for a licence. It was then that the SBIS was formalised to counter such,” explained Simelane adding that: “Wahlazisa siteshinje (any radio signal transmission) without a licence in the kingdom is a case for prosecution.”
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