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People's Deputy Yuri Karmazin (NUNS) offers the Cabinet of Ministers
of Ukraine to develop and approve the program of preservation and
restoration of the state enterprise "radio transmitting center", as
well as to restore order on the transfer of the enterprise strength.
This follows from the draft of the Resolution "On ensuring information
security of Ukraine and the adoption of measures on the state support
of the state enterprise "radio transmitting center", text of which has

The draft resolution also proposes funds for the resumption of the
work of the transmitter with a capacity of 500 kW on the frequency
0,207 MHz [207 kHz - LW] to the distribution of air time between the
National radio company of Ukraine (NRCU) for the translation of the
1st programme of the National radio and television and radio company
"RADA" for the broadcasting of the sessions of the meetings of the
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In addition the resolution offers to solve a question of the
subordination of the state enterprise "radio transmitting center" the
Apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
(from 30.03.2012, sent Sergey Sosedkin)

Comment Alexandra Egorova [genitive, not feminine] from Kyiv about the
prospects for the resumption of LW-broadcasting of the Ukrainian

About the resumption of broadcasts by 207 kHz, indeed, in the NRCU
again stirred on this topic. Are interested in a glaring example of
the long-wave broadcasting abroad. I have them sent to the site EMWG.
Nostalgic letters from listeners on 207 kHz is also obvious help - I,
too, have shipped in the national radio company of Ukraine. But I
doubt that the Verkhovna Rada will help. The deputies of the state
broadcasting there is no problem - it and is not necessary, except
that if the absolutely to stop live broadcasts from the session of the
Verkhovna Rada on UR1. But this is more exciting opposition, and the
majority of Parliament these broadcasts in my opinion only harm their

In fact there is some kind of fever in the NRCU in this issue: we RFE
do not respect, and go to the MW, and the MW cast out, and ???????????
old already, almost without lamp transmitter in LW. Though the meaning
of this some is"coming elections to the Parliament, so something can
be squeezed out on the topic of the necessity of modulation
brainwashing the electorate. Now in rural areas almost wired radio has
not and old yet available "Spodola" and others., which take LW/MW,
almost the whole of Western and Central Ukraine silent - no gear ur in
these regions.

I don't really hope for the resumption of broadcasting by 207 kHz to
500 kW - very big Finance is required. At least 250 kW pulled. Better
yet resumed would broadcast UR1 on the square on the 5970 kHz, which I
myself and chose at the time - would have been the day the whole
Ukraine and destinations for 100 or even 50 kW boldly. Receivers with
a SW and low-cost in the market enough - the more-or you can listen
to. The transmitter is the 5970 kHz with my agitation bosses worked
from September 2008 to February 2010. But the scornful refers to the
SW, because they are the same, the quality of reception of them does
not satisfy, and the fact that for the reception of information
programs, it is important not only the quality, as the number of
received information, for which SW very suitable and there is less
domestic and industrial interference that's not a think. But what is
interesting is that all of the same brigade RRT at the conference HFCC
is present regularly and even every time the year the same frequency
on the SW reserve, including 5970
(Sent Sergey Sosedkin, Moscow,
Information DX Bulletin, Weekly electronic periodical, Number 783, 03
April 2012, Editor of the current number: Alexander Dementiev via
RusDX via DXLD)  via

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