Saturday, 5 May 2012


6095 1451- KBC via Wertachtal playing rock-n-roll, OM singer, good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45344

6240 2209- Radio Free Victoria playing song, fair signal with deep fading and high level of local noise, sinpo 35222

6285 2000- Radio Ghoul playing rock, OM singer, poor signal with deep fading and local noise, sinpo 25222

6292 2213-UNID playing mx, fair signal with deep fading, splashes from Spaceman, local noise, sinpo 33222

6300 1900- Radio Tower playing song, male voices, fair signal with local noise and fades, strong qrm ute, sinpo 32332

6310 2009- Radio Spaceman playing dance music, YL&OM singers, good signal with little fades and noise, sinpo 45344, also on 6305 at 2210- ID heard, sinpo 45344, and 6310 at 2225

6375 2157- Radio Ascona playing song, OM singer, fair signal , qrm cw, fades and local noise, sinpo 33232

6423 1848- Radio Uncle Sam playing song, OM singer in E., fair signal with fades and local noise, sinpo 35333

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