Monday, 20 August 2012

Electronic confirmation from Bhutan Broadcasting Service

Today I have received this letter, which confirm my reception of BBS at 1812 UTC, 13 July 2012 on 6035 kHz. Thank you very much for it! 

"Dear Ihor Karivets
I am happy to inform you that you are right. I have listened to the clip of recording you have sent. It is a Bhutanese folk song, definitely played on our station.
We have received reception reports from all over the world but you are the first person to give us a reception report from the Ukraine.
Thank you very much.
Please do keep listening. May we also use the occasion to wish you many many years of happy listening to radio from various parts of the world.
We have no QSL card and hope that this short email affirmatively
confirming you reception report will serve the purpose.

Kaka Tshering (Mr.)
General Manager, radio
Bhutan Broadcasting Service
Post box 101


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