Saturday, 28 September 2013

Free radio log for 28 September 2013

6210 1852- Radio Tango Italia playing music, fair signal with high level of noise and fades, sinpo 35232

6285 1855- Radio Focus International playing song, OM singer, poor signal with high leveel of noise and deep fading, sinpo 25222

6291 1923- Odynn Radio, ID jingles: "Odynn Radio...", fair on the peaks, high level of noise and deep fading, sinpo 35222

6300 1633- Radio Tower playing Dutch song, male chorus, fair to good signal with some noise and fades, sinpo 45333

6310 1915- Radio Telstar South playing music and OP talk, weak signal under high level of noise, deep fading, sinpo 25222

6320 1845- UNID playing instrumental music, c/d at 1849, exellent signal with little fades and noise, sinpo 55444, may be Radio Mustang.

6750 1629- Radio Pink Panther playing song, YL singer, fair to poor signal with deep fading and noise, sinpo 35222

15065 1613- Bluestar Radio playing Queen "Living on my own', then at 1616-OP talk, ID is given, fair to good signal with fades and noise, sinpo 45333

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