Sunday, 24 November 2013

Free radio log 24 November 2013

5730 1749- Radio Sluwe Vos playing music, weak signal with high level of noise and deep fading, sinpo 25222

6045 1052- Short Wave Rock, OM talk, E., ID, song, OM singer, good signal with fades and noise, sinpo 45333

6285 1745- Radio Tango Italia playing tango, OM singer, good to fair signal with fades and moise, sinpo 45333, but afterwards the signal faded out

6295 1541- Reflections Europe, OM talk, E., sermon, the signal under ute (I see that during this week ute has occupied 6290....6325 kHz), good signal, but heavy qrm ute, with fades and noise, sinpo 42332-1

6975 1534- Mike Radio playing dance, YL singer, fair signal, qrm ute, fades and noise, sinpo 33333

9480 0800- Radio Gloria Intrernational via MV Baltic Radio playing the opening song "Gloria", OM singer, OM talk in E., ID, e-mail is annonced, and song is playing, YL singer, good signal with fades and noise, sinpo 45333

9480 1002- Radio Geronimo SW via MV Baltic Radio, OM presenter talk in E, ID, then Oldy is playing, OM singer, good signal wih fades and noise, sinpo 45333

17540 1327- Radio Waves International via Nauen, OM talk in French, ID, address and schedule are annonced, French songs are playing till 1344, 1345- Country Music Show, exellent signal with very little fades and noise, sinpo 55455(4)

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