Friday, 27 December 2013

Special Show Event on Shortwave by RTR 2 - Die Powerstation

Hello to you all !

We are glad to inform you to broadcast a three hour special event show 
about Albert Hammond as Musician and songwriter (Hall of Fame !) 
includig an Interview on Shortwave and Internet.
Please listen via shortwave 7535 kHz or via Internet
on this Saturday 16 - 19 o´clock UTC ! For your kind reports only 
e-qsl-Cards possible !
You are also welcome to the chat of RTR 2 - Die Powerstation without any 
registration "Der Chat"
Please tell it to your friends - interested in Oldies and Albert Hammond !!!
During the Show you can join the Chat without any registration - - der chat
Please get member on Facebook radio | RTR 2 - DiePoweratation or
give us a like on our website´s homepage !

All important Informations in this pdf-Document
We hope you will listen to the complete show. Just for wave-hopping it 
was too much work !

Please join us also during our normal live- shows - during evening hours 
in central europe !

Thanks a lot
Stephan Konrad & Christian Wegner
RTR 2 - Die Powerstation

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