Sunday, 17 August 2014

Frequencies now cleared for Radio Nord Revival 2014

Frequencies now cleared for Radio Nord Revival 2014 

R Nord Revival commemoration 100 years of Vaxholm Radio: On 
Aug 23, 2014, R Nord Revival will commemorate 100 years of Vaxholm R 
near Stockholm at 0800-1500 UT. The event will opened by the Minister 
of Defence Karin Enstroem, followed by Erik Himmelstrand, Chief of the 
Vaxholm Fortress Museum. R Nord Revival will broadcast on 1512 MW, 
6065, and perhaps on 3975 (Christian Ghibaudo, Nice, France, DSWCI DX 
Window Aug 6 via DXLD)

Our frequency application to the PTS has now been approved and we will be using the following frequencies:

MW 1512 kHz from Kvarnberget, Vallentuna. Licensed power is 2,5 kW but we may only be using 1 kW. Antenna height is 37 metres.

SW 3915 kHz from Ringvalla, Sala. Licensed power is 5 kW and the antenna height is 12 metres.

SW 5810, 6065 and 9295 kHz from Ringvalla, Sala. One of the frequencies will be used at a time. Licensed power is 10 kW and the antenna height is 12 metres.

SW 5770 and 6220 kHz from The Castle, Vaxholm. Licensed power is 0,5 kW and the antenna height is 12 metres. At the moment it is not clear what transmitter that will be used. This is a one-off chance to catch a broadcasting signal from The Castle - the place where the first broadcast ever in Sweden was made on September 1, 1919.

Test transmissions will be made prior to the live broadcasts from The Castle and further information about these transmissions will be made here as soon as we switch on. Please comment in our blog how you are receiving us. As usual, written reception reports can be sent to

Ronny Forslund
Radio Nord Revival
Vita Huset
17995 Svartsjö

Return postage in the form of $ or IRC's is much appreciated.

We wish you a good reception. Anybody is welcome to join us at The Castle on Saturday, August 23. If you are in the Stockholm area, you can get to Vaxholm by boat or bus and then there is a boat from Pier 9 in Vaxholm. For travel information please check out and


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PY2255 SWL said...

Sintonizei esta emissora aqui em Sao paulo/SP Brazil esta emissora.
No momento de manha o sinal estava bom valendo um SINPO 45444.
Parabens a todos desta emissora uma programação religiosa .
Sintonizada UTC 09:35 DO DIA 22/05/2017 .
Segue video no meu Blog.