Friday, 31 October 2014

New QSL card of Long Live Radio / Short History of Long Live Radio

LLR is a pretty young broadcaster in the world of
free radio and it's course of life is not so rich in remarkable
events. Our radio station was born as experimental project in 2011.
The first test transmission was realized on beginning of September
2011 on a frequency of 75 meter band and consisted of some looped
music. Then, on September 16th we were on air with the very  first
broadcast under name of Long Live Radio, with IDs between songs and
email address announcements, that was also on 52 meter band. The same
transmitting system was used then as we have now: master oscillator,
power amplifier and modulator, all are home-made, built of old vacuum
tubes, PC and primitive end-feed long wire as an aerial. We are using
such kind of antenna by reason of conspiracy, because this one is the
least noticeable among short wave antenna systems. The first reception
report for our broadcast on 16th of September 2011 has arrived from

Here were not only regular musical broadcasts and relays of Artem's
World Music Show but also "Morse beacon tests", mostly in April 2012.
The aim of this tests was to investigate approximate territory, where
our signal is still audible. Lot of reception reports were received
for these tests as far as from Uzbekistan, etc.

In December 2012 we have moved to more popular 48 meter band and
received the first reception report from North America (Canada). That
was a great event for us, because that place still remains the most
distant RX location for our station. Since then we are broadcasting
occasionally on frequencies between 6200 and 6400 kHz with amplitude
modulation, however some tests on other frequencies are possible too.

In brief, our activity is:

1) The fight against stupid laws, which regulate the use of airwaves.
2) The attempt to support and conserve traditional radio technique.
3) The fight against stupid copyrights. In our opinion, a copyright on
digital data (digital copy of some product) is absolutely NONSENSE.
Any information (non-material object) must be free.
4) The attempt to share interesting and little known music, which
could not be heard on other radio stations.

Since start of our mission we receive many reception reports from 18
countries of Europe, Asia and North America. About 95% of reports were
confirmed by eQSLs. Today LLR mainly focuses on various hard and
alternative music from whole world.

We hope, this scanty historical outline will be widened by new
interesting facts next years.

Best regards! 73!

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