Sunday, 11 January 2015

Free radio log of January 11, 2015

4026v 1840- Laser Hot Hits playing music, weak and poor signal with deep fading and noise, early yet for reception on this fq., sinpo 1-25211

6070 1558- Channel 292 playing song, OM singer in E, fair to good signal with fades and noise, sinpo 3-44433

6095 0937- KBC via Nauen, OM talk in E, then music is playing, good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45444

6190 0810- Radio Gloria International playing music, poor signal with noise and deep fading, sinpo 25222

6990 1424- Radio Komintern playing soviet patriotic songs (always the same), fair signal with fades and noise, sinpo 35333

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