Saturday, 14 March 2015

Cupid Dx broadcast towards the eastcontinent 15 march 21.460 mhz

Dear radio friends, It have been a while ago since our last adventure towards the east continent, i remember it was a lot of fun then, and we got a large amount of listeners at the other side of the world.
With this huge flare explosion from the sun i give it a go tomorow on 15 of march.
Cupids broadcast will start at 07:00 utc till around 09:00
Freq 21.460 mhz  AM modulated
The 3 elements beam is aimed towards New guina that is 50 degrees from the Netherlands , and will be the best direction for japan, australia, NewZealand
Power will be around 300 watt i hope it will do the trick.
Reports are welcome on
Or with the snailmail.
Cupid radio
P.O box 9
8096 ZG
Good hunting guys
73`s cupid radio

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