Monday, 4 January 2016

eQSL from Radio Piraña Internacional

Very rapid confirmation came from Radio Piraña Internacional with some info:

"Very shortly I can tell you that our station slightly begun back in 
1981 but  it was nearly ten years later that we begun to be known... 
In the period from 2008 until end of March 2014 we was totally 
inactive.  In the period of 1995-2002 we was very active from our site 
in South America. 
We still have that transmitter plant where we from time to time make 
some transmissions. Mainly when we are on vacations there. 

In the past we have had "high" powered equipment giving over 1kW ERP 
in SSB with directional antenna. Now for some years we have been 
mostly used a 20 watts carrier mosfet transmitter, using the IRF 520 
mosfet in the final. We have also a 250 watts carrier MOSFET 
transmitter using 8 X IRFP360 in the finals, and finally we have a 
60-70 watts tube transmitter. This need a repair for the moment. This 
is actually the most hard working transmitter we have used most in the 
past... It haves hours of hours of transmissions both from South 
America as well as from Europe."

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