Tuesday, 12 July 2016

There was FM-pirate in Kazakhstan

Artem was so kind sent me interesting information about FM-pirate in Kazakhstan. Old news dated by 21October 2014, but very surprised. Here is google translation of news from Russian to English:


 "In Kazakhstan, obscene radio is covered .

In Temirtau (Karaganda region of Kazakhstan)"Black Label" Radio is closed, where leading used profanity and included songs with foul language.

Reported Tengrinews.

Broadcast radio stations stopped in connection with verification of its activities. "Listening to the radio ether" Black Label "shows that the radio host in his speeches, as well as in the musical works used profanity, which is a clear disrespect for society," - said the deputy prosecutor Temirtau Zhankozy Nakishev.
At the same time, he said, FM-frequency 105.1 "Black Label" used illegally, without the consent of the competent authorities. There are no licensing documents.

Representatives of radio stations, as noted by the deputy prosecutor, failed to present. Checks are carried out by the Department of Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption. "Black Label", as reported in its "Vkontakte" page, Temirtau broadcast in August 2012. The radio station has positioned itself as a non-profit and piracy. "We warn that we are strangers to the media. The activities of such media is against the law. We do not recommend something similar to create ", - stated on the website. Currently there posted an announcement that broadcasts suspended for a long time "in connection with the cleaning of the format."

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