Tuesday, 25 October 2016

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  To Europe on 25m – 31m – 41m & 49m on the 3rd weekend of the month & available worldwide via the internet on Transmission dates.

Dear Listener of EMR,
Thank you for your recent interest in EMR and thereby supporting the station. Your response as a listener
is a very important factor for our survival. With the ever-decreasing number of short-wave stations due to station closures, we at EMR depend on your correspondence and input, so we can improve our service to
you the listener, and know that our service is of value to you!

EMR’s history is a rather colourful one, and many people will remember the station as a free radio station. Free, not in the sense of costing you nothing, as that is true of almost all radio, but free in the sense that
the station was free from state control. Some would call EMR a pirate station, but the word pirate implies theft of a possession. One thing is certain, EMR was once an unlicensed, or illegal broadcaster, whose sole purpose was to demonstrate the airwaves, could be used more effectively to provide the people of Europe with more choice.  By means of an example, back in the 1970’s when EMR started broadcasting, there were only 19 commercial radio stations in the UK. These days there are over 200, some of which started out like us, operating illegally. Hopefully, we played a small part in proving the case for more choice on the airwaves.

The first EMR broadcast was heard in February 1976 with test transmissions on 6250khz.
In May 1977 regular scheduled broadcasts commenced on the 3rd Sunday of every month, and these continued until the station was raided in October 1980.

After the raid, we transferred all transmissions to Holland via the Free Radio Service Holland and continued using their services. These Dutch relays ended on the 12th of June 1983 when the station was closed down.

EMR remained silent until 2 years later when UK-based transmissions were heard for a short period of time up until 1986, but once again the station fell silent. It took a further 10 years when in February 1996 it all started over again – EMR was back on the air, but still broadcasting illegally with it’s own 180 watt TX.

In November 2002 the station started legal transmissions via the Italian Radio Relay Service in Milan.
With the conversion to legal status, came a significant increase in transmitter power to 10,000 watts (10Kw).  From February 2003, the transmitter power increased yet again to 100Kw via the facilities of the LVRTC transmitter in Ulbroka, Latvia.

In January 2005 the official European Music Radio website was set up with all the Information you will need to Know about EMR, along with pictures and recordings of past programming. In 2015 the website was updated to the present day with the latest news on EMR and our programme Schedules.

On the 18th September 2005, EMR commenced live programmers from our UK studios, live on 9290.  
The first-ever live phone-in featured a listener from Japan!

On February 12th 2006 the EMR Internet radio streaming service started. This service was available 24 hours a day, and now will only be available on our Transmission dates with that day's short-wave broadcasts heard simultaneously over the internet in high-quality stereo, which means that even if conditions on short-wave are not favourable, listeners can still hear EMR!

Thanks go out to Jack Raats and Jarasoft in Holland for all their time and effort, and providing the streaming servers for the internet service which are located in the Netherlands which enables listeners from all over
the world to listen to EMR.

On the 23rd of April 2006 EMR celebrated its 30th Birthday with Transmissions on 9290 kHz from Latvia and 5775 kHz from Milan. Live transmissions on 9290 continued until December 2008 until the Latvian transmitter was taken out of service.

From 2008 until 2011, EMR broadcast exclusively via the 100Kw Wertachtal transmitter in Germany in our first association with MV Baltic Radio.

EMR continued to broadcast in 2016 via the fully-licensed transmitters of MV Baltic Radio, Channel 292,
and KBC which are all located in Germany, and also via the Transmitter of WBCQ on 7490 KHz to the USA.

Over the years EMR has received reception reports from all corners of the world and as far away as Japan - New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and of course Europe.

All Broadcasts are in English with music, International ID's and radio related programming to Europe.
Please continue listening to EMR and corresponding with the station, and thanks for contacting us!

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