Sunday, 7 May 2017

Free radio log of 7th May 2017

5840 19.58- Radio 319 (tent.) playing "Stand by Me", good to fair signal with fades and noise, sinpo 3-44333 (heard via Twente SDR)

6205 19.53- Little Feat Radio playing song, YL singer in E., good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45343-4 (heard via Twente SDR)

6240 18.22- Sluwe Vos Radio playing music, OP talk ID "Sluwe Vos Radio", then playing Italo-Disco, weak and poor signal with fades and noise, some ute qrm, sinpo 23222

6285 19.49- Radio 42 playing Dutch popular song, ID in Dutch/English at 19.50, fair to poor signal with noise and fades, sinpo 2-34222

6305 18.32- Radio Joey playing song, weak signal with noise and fades, sinpo 24222

6315 19.55- Radio Goofy playing dance music, ID "This is Radio Goofy...", good signal with some UTE qrm, fades and noise, sinpo 43433 (heard via Twente SDR)

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