Friday, 26 August 2011


6204 1753- Shortwave Gold playing different kinds of music, ID: "This is Shortwave Gold", ID jingles, ann. e-mail:, good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45344

6240 1904-1909 Radio Northpole playing song, OM singer, then dance mx and male operator talk in E, ID is giving: "Radio Northpole...", poor to fair signal with deep fading and atmospheric noise, sinpo 35222

6291 1922- Radio Caroline/Rainbow International, ID jingles by male voice and OM talk in E: "Radio Caroline...", strong qrm from utility, fair signal and fades, atmospheric noise, sinpo 32222

6310 2008- UNID playing Dutch song, poor signal  with deep fading and high level of local noise, sinpo 25121

6925 2010- Mustang Radio giving out ID: "This is Radio Mustang...", greetings for listeners, 2016-ABBA's song is playing, good signal as usually with little fades and local noise, sinpo 45344

6940 1907- Laser Hot Hits playing song, male singer, fair to poor signal with high level of local noise and deep fades, reception was possible only a few minutes, sinpo 25222

12805 1817- Radio Spaceshuttle International playing Sandra, OM talk in E,  Finnrock is playing at 1831, fair signal with fades and atmospheric noise, sinpo 35333

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