Monday, 1 August 2011


6220 1917- Radio Caroline/Rainbow is giving ID jingle: "Radio Caroline..." and song is playing, YL singer, strong splashes from ute (6225), fair signal with fades and local noise, sinpo 32222

6310 1801- Radio Marconi playing rock-n-roll, OM singer, fair signal with some noise and fades, sinpo 35333

6375 1859-1915 Radio Relmus playing different kinds of music, 150 watts, cw qrm, fair signal with deep fades and atmospheric noise, sinpo 33333

6425 1800- Radio Lowland Int'l playing song, drums, YL singer, fair signal with fades and quite noisy, sinpo 35333

6425 2045- Mustang Radio playing song, OM singer, good to fair signal with local noise and fades, sinpo 35333

9510 1130-1145 Arctic Radio Club's programme via IRRS, tx in Romania, 100kW, OM ann., playing "Moving Day", YL singer, short history of ARC's special broadcastings, DX info, good signal with little noise and fades, sinpo 45444

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