Sunday, 11 December 2011


6095 0905- KBC Radio via Wertachtal playing rock-n-roll, OM singers, Oldies, good signal with little noise, sinpo 45454

6215 1507- UNID, YL or OM talk: "...speaking.." or something similar, the signal inder ute, fair with fades and noise, sinpo 32232

6300 0708- Radio Black Power playing different kinds of songs, instrumental mx, Christmas songs, dance mx., heard with ID at 0718: "Radio Black Power...", fair to good signal with fades and atmospheric noise, sinpo 35333

6301v 1507- UNID playing song, OM singer, fair signal under ute, sinpo 32332

6325 1501- Radio Witte Reus, Tribute to Radio Noordijk, only visible, sinpo 15111

6325 1716- Black Bandit Radio playing instrumental version of "Hotel California", next song, OM singer, shortly is playing and OP talk: "Good evening, ...Black Bandit Radio..." in E & Dutch, Oldies shortly is playing, again OP talk, mx., and c/d about 1721, fair to good signal with little noise and fades, sinpo 35444

6550 1451- RisingSun Radio playing "Jingle Bell", fair signal with atmospheric noise and fades, sinpo 35333

9480 0858- MV Baltic Radio, IS, ID is given by male voice in German and English, opening mx at 0859, 0900- OM ann. schedule, mx., fair to good signal with local noise and dafes, sinpo 35333

12715 1430-1442c/d Radio Spaceshuttle Intl.playing mx., then Oprerator talk, ID heard, OP said "Bye, bye.." and instrumental mx. is playing, then c/d, on the beginning of reception the signal was only visible, but on the end of transmission was good audio and signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 35333

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