Saturday, 24 December 2011


6095 1319- KBC via Wertachtal playing rock-n-roll as usually and blues, OM singer, then OM talk in E., adv., ID, good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45444

6300 1601- Radio Doctor Tim playing Christmas song, YL&OM duet in E, poor signal with deep fades and noise, sinpo 25222

6305 1438- UNID playing instrumental mx, pause, next country song is playing, OM singer in E., and suddenly c/d at 1439, fair signal with deep fades and high level of atmospheric noise, sinpo 35222

6305 1609-  Radio Sallandse Boer playing dance mx., OM&YL singers, can hear only on the peaks, sinpo 25222, ID via Chat

6375 1552- Radio Caroline International playing dance mx., YL singer, heard with ID jingles at 1553, fair signal with fades and noise, very quickly the signal sunk into noise, sinpo 35333

6385 1655- Radio Mustang, OP talk in E and Dutch, ID is given: "Good evening, this is Radio Mustang" and playing song "Merry Christmas", good signal with fades and local noise, sinpo 45333

6420 1434- Black Bandit Radio (presumed) playing Christmas song, OM singer in E., fair signal with also deep fades and atmospheric noise, sinpo 35222

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your log of us today!!!!!!!

Hope, you might have a nice and peaceful Xmas 2011!!!

R.Caroline International.