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Free Operators in Soviet Ukraine

** UKRAINE. Radiohuligany, or free operators --- There used to be such  
a "profession" - on average the airwaves to provide listeners with  
music. We are talking about illegal hobby youth middle of the XX  
century - radiohuliganstve. 
Illegal radio transmitters operated in the air for a long time. This  
is evidenced by at least the fact that from time immemorial there is  
an international radio code "UNLIS", indicating the transmitter  
operating illegally. In the USSR, it all started in the mid-50s. In  
connection with the onset of the political thaw and the growing  
prosperity of the citizens in Dneprodzerzhintsev, like all their  
fellow citizens of the Soviet Union, sharply increased interest in  
radio. After the war, embarked on a peaceful track Soviet industry  
begins to make more and more radios. Open radio school, the air appear  
short wave. Since the mid-fifties in the air began to emerge makeshift  
unregistered radio station. 
In Dnipridzerzhinsk, radiohuligany came about in the mid 50s. In the  
air-hams illegals coming out with a home-made device - "console" or  
"barrel organ" (as machines, cars, marahayki). So in the jargon is  
called stationary radiohuligansky transmitter, made artisanal for  
illegal broadcasting and telecommunications in the top of the MW range  
(above 1500 kHz). To make such a simple transmitter could not even a  
teenager. Fortunately, when the school opened all radio school.  
Connect the "home-made" to the low-frequency amplifier, usually to the  
tube receiver or player. This apparatus provides audible stations  
within a radius of several kilometers. 
The main occupation of "organ grinders" was "chasing the music."  
Radiohuligany '50s cool "poison the souls of young people" rock 'n'  
roll and boogie-woogie, and other corrupting influence of the West. "I  
worked in 71-73 years, - says Konstantin Voronezh - I remember  
operator" Director cemetery, "contacted him. Remember about their  
classes only with the heat. Leaving aside the problems of ethics at  
work on the air associated with foul language and tactless landing on  
the frequency of long-distance operators, when the connection between  
the operators is not yet complete, I believe that this experience for  
a generation has been invaluable.  
After the airing of doing hundreds and hundreds of young people for  
whom it was the beginning and the basis for the choice of profession.  
was on the air also a means of sharing experiences and means of  
communication, which is very important at a young age. Doubtless it is  
a fact that when young people are in short supply, the famine in  
listening to music. I had a treasure in the form of a tape recorder,  
"Gintaras" in which to save the film was reground pulley for the  
introduction of a speed of 9 cm instead of 19 cm .. steeply in  
broadcast everything from transfer "Hello, we are looking for talent"  
and songs from rentgenplenok like "Portrait of Pablo Picasso" to "Deep  
Purple", "Zeppelin" and quite rare " Moody Blues, "" Varhors. " 
By the way, in Soviet times there was another kind of  
radiohuliganstva. The fact that the apartment-radio-"Brekhuntsov" in  
Soviet times daily from 14.00 to 15.00 pauses for a lunch break. This  
hour pause and enjoy wired radiohuligany. These craftsmen are no  
radios do not master - was connected to the network umolkshey  
amplifier output and driven to their favorite music. Besides the  
amplifier so music fans was enough to have a tape recorder and two  
wires. As a result, the whole house could hear that broadcast  
radiohuligan. Thanks to the inclusion of many similar dining  
dneprodzerzhintsy and learned about the existence of rock music. " 
Gray-haired ex-offenders of radio sometimes nostalgically recalls  
those days. "Radiohuliganami were almost all the boys in our yard -  
says former Dneprodzerzhinets, now a resident of the German city of  
Augsburg Leonid Shipelsky. - Hand in Hand passed on medium wave  
transmitter circuit is simple: high-frequency coil, vertical speed  
indicator - variable capacitor, even a pair of small parts - resistors  
and capacitors, as well as e-lamp pentode or triode. Items can be  
extracted from an old radio, barter or buy from others in the same  
store, "Kulttovary." Especially exotic way mined microphones. Someone  
just saw off half of the handset and used her bottom, the microphone  
part. Someone - sleek plastic and very poor mikrofonchik, which was  
sold bundled with any tape recorder. This was ggodah in 1964-65, when  
there were only a transistor radio "Atmosphere", "tourist", "Selga" . 
The golden radiohuliganstva came in the years 1960-70. Then, by  
adjusting the radio on medium wave (said to be "for 200 meters to the  
edge of the scale"), you could hear the Beatles, Rolling Stones,  
Vysotsky - everything in those days it was forbidden. Also in the  
course were her own songs to the accompaniment of a guitar. 
In addition to the forbidden music every single day in  
Dneprodzerzhinsk radio could be heard dozens of different voices.  
"Free operator", "Black Label", "The Nightingale," "The Black Cat",  
"Mockingbird", "switchman", "beard" - which only call letters did not  
invent itself homegrown DJs at a time when the word even our  
vocabulary does not exist. 
Good citizens stigmatized radiohuliganov and required to bring them to  
the fullest extent of the law. In the late '60s, the term  
"radiohuliganstvo" got its definition in the Criminal Code:  
"intentional actions as expressed in the conduct of the radio  
transmissions due to the explicit manifestation of disrespect for  
society, out of mischief, violating public order, or of interfering  
broadcasting and radio service. " .... 
The punishment for "hooliganism with the use of technical means"  
varied from a fine up to one and a half years in prison. Most often  
limited punishment "ruble". Fined for the first offense for 10-50  
rubles, often by 50 - the amount at that time considerable. For  
repeated - 50-150 rubles. What is 150 rubles? Not all of those years  
was such monthly salary. 
Managed to escape punishment is not much. First, the "radiohuliganov"  
unmasks their respectable neighbors - complaints to those who because  
of the TV screen covered running strip, have been reported to the  
police regularly. Secondly, the coordinates radiohuliganov special  
service "UAZ" taped with extraordinary precision. 
After an ominous tone to the door and the phrase "Open up, police!"  
Radiohuliganam had a few - or disposed of to tear the meat, even red- 
hot "barrel organ" in the window, or frantically shove all the  
equipment along secluded places. Sluggishness bullies waited a full  
cup of retribution. We caught the underground ham confiscated all the  
available equipment, "hurdy-gurdy", Receivers, radiograms, tape  
recorders, televisions ... V. Kulenko, ( via  
RusDX 4 Aug via DXLD)  


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