Friday, 23 August 2013

Free radio log for 23 August 2013

6240 1922- Radio Mustang playing Limp Bizkit "Behind Blue Eyes", ID at 1940, good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45344

6325 1725- Radio Caroline Int'l playing song, OM singer, fair signal with strong qrm ute, noise and fades, sinpo 32332

6400 1938- Radio Caroline Int'l playing ID jingles, and then rock is playing, OM singer, fair signal with high level of noise and some fades, sinpo 35232(3)

6425 1720- NMD playing music, only traces, deep fading and high level of noise, sinpo 25111

6745 1728- Radio Pioneer playing ID jingles, ann. e-mail, and song is playing, OM singer, fair signal with fades and noise, sinpo 35333

6925 1841- Radio Pink Panther playing music, the signal under ute all evening (!), sinpo 21111

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ihor and many thanks for such 2 logs of us! Please enjoy such saturday there!

R.Caroline International.