Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Free radio log of August 17, 2016

6230 1742- Radio Good Ship Venus, OP talk in E., ID is given, and "more music" said OP, fair signal with noise and fades, sinpo 34343-4 (heard via Twente SDR)

6285 1857- Radio Blauwe Ster (tent.) playing different kinds of music, good signal with crashes, fades, and some noise, sinpo 45343-4 ( heard via Twente SDR), direct reception: 1910, mx., weak signal with deep fading and noise, sinpo 24222

6307 1851- Radio Goofy playing dance music, OM singer in E., ID is given at 1853: "Radio Goofy...", fair to good signal with fades and noise, crashes, sinpo 3-44434-3 (heard via Twente SDR), local reception: only traces of music, sinpo 14111

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