Sunday, 21 August 2016

Quick scan of LW/MW (21 August 2016)

This morning I have quick scanned LW and MW bands at 0250-0315.
Here is my log:

RX Degen-1121, Ferrit in-built rod

153 SSR Antena Satelor versus Chaine One Radio Algerie, but ROU is much stronger then ALG, both stations are playing music, ROU good, ALG fair to poor

162 France Inter, F., ID, mx., talk, good

171 Medi 1, mx., poor

198 BBC Radio 4, E., ID., talk, good to fair

216 RMC Info Roumoules, F., talk, fair

225 Polskie Radio 1, Pol., mx. , talk, good

252 Chaine 3 Tipaza, Arab/Fr., mx, talk, fair, no signal of RTE Radio 1, tx is off at this time as informed

531 ALG Jim FM instead of Chaine 1, Arabic song, good to fair

729 ERA Proto Programma, Greek, mx, ID, good

810 Makedonsko Radio 1, Makedonian, talk, good

1071 CZE Cro Plus, Czech, talk, good

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