Tuesday, 25 July 2017

QSL of Voice of the Report of the Week

Voice of the Report of the Week has programs in English. Here is official schedule:

Thursday 2200 UTC - 9955 kHz - To South America
Friday 0000 UTC - 7490 kHz, 7730 kHz, 9395 kHz - To North America 
Sunday 1600 UTC - 9400 kHz - To Europe / Middle East 
Sunday 2000 UTC - 9395 kHz - To Eastern North America
Sunday 2200 UTC - 7490 kHz - To Eastern North America

In the message from Voice of the Report of the Week is such information:

VORW Radio International is the official External Service of TheReportOfTheWeek, whose mission is to provide an enjoyable light entertainment program over the airwaves. Programs consist of a short lecture at the beginning, followed by a selection of music, exclusively comprised of listener requested tunes.Programs have been continuously on the air since December 22nd, 2016 though they have been on shortwave sporadically since January of 2015.
 You may also be able to listen on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int"

I have picked up the signal on 9400 kHz (TX in Armenia, Erevan-Gavar). Thank you for quick confirmation and good job with an audience!

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