Thursday, 1 September 2011


 6220 1802- UNID playing non-stop music, weak signal with high level of local noise, deep fades, sinpo 25222

6305 1727- Radio Zeewolf (presumed), only visible, sinpo 15221

6960 1852- Mike Radio, OM talk in E, 40 watts, according to info from Doc Tim's Chat, weak signal with high level of local noise and fades, sinpo 25222

12805 1633-1642c/d Radio Spaceshuttle International, ID jingles, OM talk in E and dance music is playing, OM ann. that moving to 15805 and the same dance music is playing, fair signal with some fades and atmospheric noise, sinpo 35333, only traces on 15805 at 1645, come back on 12805 at 1648, fair signal with atmospheric noise, sinpo 35333, also heard at 1810 with good signal, sinpo 45344

14000 1854- UNID, weak signal, very noisy, playing music, sinpo 15221

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