Monday, 26 September 2011


Ukraine after the neighboring Russia and Belarus refused to switch to winter time. The resolution on changing the order time of calculation on the territory of Ukraine today, 20 September, voted 266 people's deputies. "The Verkhovna Rada decides to install on march 27, 2011 on the territory of Ukraine the time of the second time zone with the addition of one hour", - is said in the resolution, the author of which was made by the people's deputy Oleg Nadosha (Party of regions). In the document it is marked, that his action had lost the previous regulations, in particular, on the introduction of summer months the time of 1992 and the resolution on the change of the order of time of calculation on the territory of the Ukrainian SOVIET union from 1990. Traditionally the transition to daylight saving time was carried out in the last Sunday of march, in the winter - on the last Sunday of October. Let's remind, the practice of annual transition to daylight saving time is observed in more than 100 countries of the world. In a number of countries of the date of transition is determined by taking into account regional traditions. For the first time the hour hand was transferred to great Britain in 1908. IN the USSR the transition to daylight saving time for the first time took place in 1917, and since 1981, daylight savings time start again regularly act. Georgia and the countries of Central Asia in recent years, refused to transition from winter to summer time. In addition, on June 7, the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed the law, in accordance with which cancels the seasonal translation of arrows hours in the RUSSIAN federation. Belarus has abolished the transition to "winter time". (via open_dx)

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