Sunday, 4 September 2011


6140 0907- MV Baltic Radio playing mainly rock songs, good signal with some static noise and fades, sinpo 45344(3), // 9480 worse reception, sinpo 35333, fair signal with deep fades and atmospheric noise

6205 1909- UNID playing song, YL singer, weak signal under noise, deep fades, sinpo 25222

6285 1825- Radio Powerliner playing music, Operator talk, and song is playing, fair signal, but very noisy, sinpo 35232

6315 1727- Radio Caroline/Rainbow International playing song, YL singer, ID by male voice: "Radio Caroline..." at 1732, fair signal with high level local noise, sinpo 35232

6315 1917- Old Timer Radio playing bass music, march, and Dutch songs, good to fair signal with high level of  local noise and fades, sinpo 4(3)5232(3)

6420 1927-Black Bandit Radio, Operator talk in E and music is playing, fair signal with deep fades and local noise, sinpo 35232(3)

9585  1200- MV Baltic Radio, ID, G & E, rock songs are playing, good signal with little fades and atmospheric noise, sinpo 45444

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