Sunday, 23 October 2011


6045 0950- Radio Iceman via Wertachtal, playing rock-n-roll, ID at 0957, OM talk, E., had mentioned "Iceman", and say "bye, bye", c/d at 1000, good signal with some fades and noise, sinpo 45344

6095 0906- KBC Radio playing song, OM singer, ID is given at 0907 and next song is playing, good signal with little fades and atmospheric noise, sinpo 45434(3)

6140 1353- Radio Gloria Intl. playing Sara Brightone' song, ID: "Alternative music Radio Gloria International"- OM talk, E, IDjingle, good signal with little fades and noise, sinpo 45444

6210 1551- Radio Paardenkracht playing song, weak signal with deep fading and local noise, sinpo 25222

6240 1831- Radio Caroline/Raibow Intl.  playing rap, weak signal with deep fades and noise, sinpo 25222

6285 1741- Radio Alice playing song, YL singer, fair to poor signal with deep fades and high level of local noise, sinpo 35222

6420 1550- Mustang Radio playing rock, fair to good signal with fades and noise, reception in conditions of strong local noise, sinpo35242

9480 0807-European Music Radio playing Boney M, fair signal with local noise and fades, sinpo 35232

9480 0900- Radio Gloria Intl., opening song "Gloria", ID is given by OM, then playing Oldies, fair to good signal with fades and atmospheric noise, sinpo 45333

15065 1423- Cupid Radio, OP talk, E., and playing dance music, transmission is beaming to USA, sinpo 35222, sometimes O=3


Anonymous said...


many thanks again for such log of us!!!

Best wishes,
Radio Caroline/Rainbow International.

Anonymous said...


lot of thanks for such log of us again!!

Best wishs,
Radio Caroline/Rainbow International.