Sunday, 16 October 2011


Changed frequency for Mike Radio in 43 meter band, season 2011/2012

The Mike Radio test, from the centre part of Holland, on last sunday was succesful.
In test was a complete renewed antenna-system: The top of the antenna is now on 20 meter height. The legs of the inverted V are directed South-East and South-West and maximized in the most vertical position as posible. 2 different sort of baluns 1;1 are integrated.
First reports saids that the signal in the South E and W  direction is improved. This is more or less in the expense of the North direction. After tips from our listeners the new frequency will be now on: 6920 kHz ( +/- 5kHz) in AM-mode.
Thx for all the comments, RR's for last sunday! See you next time on the shortwaves, 73's greetings Mike. 


Tudor Vedeanu said...

Hi, sorry for offtopic. Could you check on 5346 kHz, LSB mode, right now there seems to be a number station in Ukrainian. I receive it with a strong signal in northern Romania. Do you have any idea what it is? Thanks!

ihor said...

Thank for post! I am hear right now the male voice in Ukrainian on 5346kHz. I think that is air civil service or military service, utility station, not spy. Any way,I will ask advice in other Ukrainian DXers and let you know. 73's!

ihor said...

I have received answer from a dxer and he wrote me that this could be military service or Ministery of Emergency Situations'station. Best regards and 73!