Monday 25 December 2023

Free Radio Victoria's Seasonal Greetings


Thursday 14 December 2023

FRS-Holland Seasonal Broadcast

 Dear FRS Friend,

A long tradition is going to be continued!
Next Sunday 
December 17th the spirit of December & Free Radio will be radiated
across Europe and the rest of the world.
Another FRS December broadcast filled with music, memories, letters and more.
Programmes will start at 08:52 UTC/ 09:52 CET sharp and close down is scheduled
just after 14 UTC/ 15 CET.
An extra long version of 'FRS goes DXmas' will be aired among all the other shows hosted
by our dedicated team: Mike, Bet, Jan, Dave & Peter.
Frequencies: 6185, 7700//9335 (or another frequency within the 9300-9345 kHz range).

We invite you to join us...make sure you don't miss it next will be worth while.

Log 14 December 2023

 6299v 16:23-16:32c/d UNID, mx is playing, ID jingles, but not good audible, fair to poor, sinpo 34232

Saturday 15 July 2023

Log 15 July 2023

 6290 20:33- WMR, talk, mx., fair, sinpo 34333

6940 20:47- Enterprise Radio, mx., fair, good on the picks, 34333

Saturday 4 March 2023

Logs March 4, 2023

5030 19:04- Sluwe Vos Radio, mx., ID jingle at 19:08, fair, sinpo 34333

5140 19:15- Charleston Radio Int'l, mx., fair, sinpo 34333

5790 19:18- Radio Continental (see comment), mx., fair, sinpo 35333

5880 19:23- Radio Rock Revolution, mx., poor, sinpo 24222

6290 19:27- Zeppelin Radio, mx., fair, sinpo 34333

6931 19:32- Indy Radio, mx., fair to poor, sinpo 3-24232-3