Monday, 27 January 2020

The new trasmission of KCR

Dear friends, 2020 will be our fifth year of broadcasting, for this occasion we have created a new program, the "Winter Marathon" with lots of beautiful music and interesting sections.
We will start with a memory, the ABC Radio FM 105 Hit Parade recorded in April 1978.
A nice selection of Sokous music from the equatorial region of Africa will follow, a genre that gives a lot of joy. Made by people who have nothing but are happy anyway.
The third and fourth hour will keep us company Massi with its "Mistik Show" now fixed program in our schedule. The unsurpassed "Artem's World Music" will follow with lots of beautiful Cuban music and news from the world of broadcasting on that splendid island.
Finally, we thought of "Old Italian Style", a roundup of immortal successes that have made Italy great in the world.
So many reasons to listen to us once again, we are waiting for you on the wave of KCR, the Italian multi-ethnic radio in short waves.