Sunday 28 January 2018

Cancellations and Updates - VORW Radio International - Newsletter 8

Dear VORW Radio Listeners, 

Happy 2018! There are a number of broadcast cancellations as well as a number of changes to our transmissions, please take a look at our new broadcast schedule below.


3 PM Eastern - 2000 UTC - 7780 kHz to Europe / North America
6 PM Eastern - 2300 UTC - 9955 kHz to South America
7 PM Eastern - 0000 UTC - 7730 kHz to Western North America
8 PM Eastern - 0100 UTC - 5850 kHz to North America
8 PM Eastern - 0100 UTC - 9395 kHz to North America
8 PM Eastern - 0100 UTC - 9455 kHz to Mexico


4 PM Eastern - 2100 UTC - 7780 kHz, 9265 kHz, 9395 kHz to North America

Transmissions at 8 PM Eastern on 7490 kHz and TuneIn every Thursday have been discontinued, transmissions at 11 AM Eastern on 9400 kHz every Sunday have also been discontinued. 

A transmission on 5850 kHz at 8 PM Eastern every Thursday has been added! It provides excellent reception to all of North America! Likewise, a broadcast every Sunday at 4 PM Eastern has been added on 9265 kHz, the target area is North America - reception reports are appreciated to gauge effectiveness. 

Please send correspondence to - 

If you don't have a shortwave radio to listen on that's no issue at all!

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John (VORW Radio International.)

Wednesday 17 January 2018

The new trasmission of KCR.

Cari amici, siamo pronti per la nostra prima trasmissione del 2018. Due anni sono passati, in questo tempo la nostra piccola Radio non ha mai smesso di dare soddisfazioni. Tanti gli amici sparsi su tutta la terra che ci hanno ascoltato, scritto e messaggiato.
In questa nuova puntata abbiamo voluto inserire una novità, una bella intervista ad una persona veramente speciale. John Trudell, un musicista, poco noto in Europa che ha dedicato la sua vita a difendere i diritti dei Nativi Americani e di conseguenza a tutti noi, non dimenticando di proporre diversi brani della sua grande musica. Non potevamo non dedicargli uno spazio nella nostra programmazione.
Proseguiamo inoltre la collaborazione con il bravo “Artem's World Music” che anche in questa puntata non mancherà di informarci sulla situazione delle stazioni Radio Cubane, con tante belle canzoni.
Vi aspettiamo numerosi!

Dear friends, we are ready for our first broadcast of 2018. Two years have passed, at this time our little Radio has never stopped giving satisfaction. So many friends spread all over the world who have listened to us, written and sent.

In this new episode we including to insert a novelty, a nice interview with a very special person. John Trudell, a musician, little known in Europe who has dedicated his life to defend the rights of the Native Americans and consequently to all of us, not forgetting to propose his great music. We could do not dedicate a space in our programming.

We also continue the collaboration with the good "Artem's World Music" that also in this episode will inform us about the situation of the Cuban Radio stations, with many beautiful songs.
We hope many of you will heard !

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Special broadcast this Sunday

Atlantic 2000 will be on the air this Sunday 14th of January, with a special broadcast transmitted from Red Lion in the USA via WINB.
We will be on the air from 21:00 to 22:00 UTC on 9265 kHz with a power of 50 kW.
Our webstream will be active at the same time :
Reports to :

Good listening !