Saturday, 2 July 2022

Some Reflections-3 on the Current Sitution

 War of Attrition: Who Surrenders First? Is it good for Ukraine? The gradual Western military aid to Ukraine is determined by the West's desire to slowly exhaust Russia's military machine, and not by its immediate defeat. So the West is afraid of angering the "emperor of russia" so that he, God forbid, uses nuclear weapons. But such fears of the West are groundless. russia must be crushed immediately, and not wait until it is exhausted. The depletion process will be long because russia still has spare resources for a year or two, or even three. And this is not good for Ukraine, because Ukrainian civilians will die, the infrastructure will be destroyed, the occupied territories will suffer from terror, and Ukrainians in general – from genocide. The West wants to slowly destroy russia and force it to abandon the war in Ukraine. As for us, Ukrainians, this is not enough. We need to de-occupy the captured Ukrainian lands, including Crimea and Donbas. And such de-occupation should take place immediately – in two or three months. For this, the Ukrainians already need potent weapons, and the West tells us: "Wait, we must act gradually, slowly, so as not to anger putin." This is a kind of "slow roasting of the enemy". But this approach to the russian-Ukrainian war is false, both for the West and for Ukrainians, especially for Ukrainians, because russian racist bombs and missiles are falling on their heads; russian nazis are killing innocent Ukrainians, children, women, and losses are among the Ukrainian brave soldiers as well.

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