Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dutch commercial stations applaud higher pirate fines

The Association of Commercial Radio Stations (VCR) is satisfied with the higher penalty of up to 45,000 euros for radio pirates recently announced by Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands.
A specific category of radio pirates, especially in the provinces of Overijssel and Drenthe, use increasingly taller transmission towers and higher power. National and regional broadcasters are regularly disturbed by these ‘air guns’ says the VCR. “This is mainly because the pirates operate their transmission equipment on or around the FM frequencies of legal stations.”
“These pirates often consist of teams of 20, 30 or even more people. With such a large team, a small fine makes no impression,” says the VCR. “Commercial radio stations annually spend millions of euros on their broadcasting activities. An undisturbed FM reach is crucial for these stations. If their FM coverage is limited by an illegal broadcaster, the economic loss is significant.”

(Source: http://blogs.rnw.nl/medianetwork/dutch-commercial-stations-praise-higher-pirate-fines via Radiofreak.nl)

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