Thursday, 1 December 2011

MV Baltic Radio's Weekend Program

Dear Listeners,
MV Baltic Radio is on the air this Sunday the 4th of December 2011

MVBR Schedule: 
0900 to 1000 tuck on 9480 KHz,      1 KW Repeat of Radio Gloria (From last month) 
1000 to 1100 tuck on 9480 KHz,      1 KW MV Baltic Radio  
1300 to 1400 tuck on 9480 KHz,       1 KW MV Baltic Radio (Repeat from 1000 tuck)

Good Listening   73s Tom

Due to Technical reasons the last transmission from MVBR on 6140 KHz will be on
The 25th of December 2011.  MVBR on 9480 KHz will continue in 2012 as normal.

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